Commuter Benefits Account

Save Money Getting To And From Work

A Commuter Benefits Account may be offered through your employer. They help you budget for and save money on your work-related travel expenses.

Make Your Daily Commute a Little Easier

Bus fare, subway tokens, parking permits — a Commuter Benefits Account reduces the cost of getting to and from work by letting you pay for some of those expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Commuter Account

Enjoy the Ride

This account can make your ride to work a little easier by:
  • Reducing your taxable income.
  • Saving you money on transit and parking expenses.
  • Giving you convenient access to your funds.

How It Works

A commuter account gives you the flexibility to use pre-tax funds in a smart way. You can decide how much money to contribute for the year when you enroll. This money is deducted evenly from pre-tax payroll deductions and placed into your account. The IRS does set a maximum contribution, however.

How HRAs Work

How Commuter Accounts Work

Your monthly balance will carry over into the next month, allowing you to make adjustments as needed. You can use this money for qualifying expenses to and from work.
 Mass Transit

Mass Transit

Pay for transit passes, tokens, fair cards, and other ways to use mass transit.

 Mass Transit


Pay for your work-related parking expenses, including meters, garages and lots.

Ask your employer if your health plan comes with an HRA

Van Pooling

If a vehicle meets certain criteria, then your account may cover some of these expenses.

Commuter Benefit Contribution Limits


Amount Per Month

2023 Maximum Commuter Benefits Contribution

$300 per month

2022 Maximum Commuter Benefits Contribution

$280 per month

Ask your employer if your health plan comes with an HRA

Ask your employer about enrolling in a Commuter Benefits Account today

No matter how you get to and from work, a commuter benefits account is a simple, smart way to budget and manage your travel expenses. It gives you the flexibility to reduce your out-of-pocket costs on the train, bus, van-pooling, and even parking.